Monday, June 10, 2013

Team #159 gets started in Lima!

The team members are Paulette and Irene from Wisconsin and Minnesota (old college friends), Jim and Carter from Pittsburgh (father and son), and our fearless leader, Edith. 

On our first day, Paulette and Irene headed off on their adventure with a great deal of excitement and maybe some degree of trepidation to La Molina to teach the college students English. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Mr. Gorky, the director of the language center, and then introduced to Olenka. Olenka was responsible for orienting Paulette and Irene at La Molina and making them feel comfortable. In session 1, Paulette had three students who were professors and Irene had seven students. In session 2, Paulette was feeling under the weather and assisted Irene who had another seven students. The ladies allowed the students the opportunity to speak without a great deal of interruption in order to gain confidence and feel comfortable speaking in front of them and each other. The students were engaged and Irene was quite impressed by their level of proficiency.

Meanwhile, Jim and Carter were already in the groove as this is their third trip to PPA.  Jim spent the morning clearing weeds and cutting bushes with Salvatierri behind the kindergarten.  At the suggestion of a security guard, they attempted to trim a bush in the shape of a doll.  It looked like a ball. Although Carter is only fourteen years old, he feels comfortable at PPA and took an assignment away from his father working with the babies at Niño Jesús. His main responsibility was to play with them while the ladies bathed and fed the others. He has found this is not an easy assignment as babies can be quite taxing over long periods of time. In spite of this, Carter has excelled and provides the ladies with much needed assistance. In the afternoon, Jim and Carter were for the third time assigned to the siblings program with César, Harold, and Walter Sandalay. They were greeted with hugs and affection. The day was spent playing the usual games of soccer, tag, and hide and seek. The brothers have made great progress from two years ago when César and Harold would not recognize Walter as their brother and now readily accept him.