Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A very successful and fulfilling day

As the week went on into Wednesday and Thursday, the group of volunteers, including myself, seemed to get more accustomed and settled into the groove of the long days and surprises that volunteering at either PPA or La Molina can throw at you. On Wednesday we woke up to be greeted with the usually flattering, “Beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen” followed by a talk on what we would be doing at La Molina and PPA on this day. Edith taught us more about the culture and geographical standpoint of Peru and where it falls in South America. After eating breakfast and having our group meeting, Paulette and Irene departed for La Molina as Jim (my dad) and I left for PPA. Paulette and Irene seemed to both have wonderful days, despite Paulette being tortured by Irene about how good the ice cream she got was and a strike going on in the college. Irene once again had seven students and Paulette assisted her in one of her lessons. At PPA in the morning, I left for Niño Jesús to have a great day playing with the babies and my dad left to work on the labor project for part of the day. Then Edith, my father, and I had a nice lunch at De Gallia and returned to finish off the day strong with our challenging but lovable siblings. That evening everyone except for myself went to a very nice restaurant close to the hotel that had a very close and beautiful ocean view. Wednesday was a very successful and fulfilling day for all members of this group. Did I mention that there was sunlight?

Entry submitted by: Carter Ayers