Friday, June 21, 2013

Our closing days in Peru

As we move into the closing days of our two-week commitment at La Molina, our classes are going very well.  Paulette continues to challenge her professor students with stimulating topics such as mandatory military service for young Peruvians and solutions to world hunger. Their discussions are lively, to say the least! Irene is presenting her students with conversation activities that require creative thinking and advanced speaking skills. They have been very successful in meeting these higher expectations.

We have been fortunate to experience several extracurricular activities. Edith took us to the Entomology Department where we learned about La Molina’s research into the effectiveness of bee stings in reducing the pain of arthritis. Early findings are very positive according to the entomologist who answered our many questions and showed us the beehives. Also, we happened to meet one of Irene’s students who is a graduate student in Entomology and he invited us into the department’s museum where we viewed an array of insects, spiders, and butterflies.

Another interesting extracurricular experience was a campus tour.  Our knowledgeable student guide toured us past classroom and laboratory buildings, the student center, fields of ornamental plants and flowers, and the Centro de Ventas where college staff and faculty and the community-at-large can buy plants, fresh produce, meat, and milk products that are grown or manufactured at La Molina.

Entry submitted by: Irene Dombeck

Message of the Day: “Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself one question:  ‘Does this path have a heart?’”  - Carlos astaneda in The Teachings of  Don Juan:  A Yaqui Way of Knowledge