Friday, September 28, 2012

Same Old

The girls at PPA had a typical day at the orphanage. Jaquie and Maddy went off to NiƱo Jesus and attended to the same babies who are always crying and washed the same dishes that needed to be done. Nothing out of the ordinary. Blanche started her daily routine of sanding in the morning. On Monday she sanded the putty she had put in the walls on Friday, mentally cursing herself for being so eager to fix every discrepancy she laid eyes on.

The afternoon began. Same old, same old. Jaquie went off to try and wear out the energy of three year olds, who played with every interesting thing they saw; while Blanche and Maddy went to collect their siblings. Blanche's little babies have started to run to the gate every day when they knew it was time to be collected. Blanche had a thought of what would happen when she disappeared? Another abandonment for these kids. Jazmani (Maddy's 2 year old) just stood at his playpen gate, grinning his toothy grin; his cute and very chubby face alight with joy. Estefany, Maddy's 8 year old sibling arrived late with only 30 minutes of the afternoon to go.

Kay, like the rest of the week went to La Molina, where the hot topic of the day was Extra Terrestrial. UFOs, Aliens and the like where discussed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday Parties

La Molina activities started with a birthday party for a teacher presented by her students – cake, popcorn, chips, soda, and juice followed by guitar music and singing.  Informal classes in the afternoon competed with a student march to protest the amount and cost of food in the University restaurants.  A second birthday party completed the day.

The PPA girls worked with the children as well as in the new library peeling and filling spots in the wall.  A party for the children in the afternoon was full of havoc with lots of jumping and dancing.  The rice pudding was squeezed out of a cup and into their mouths, a technique they mastered with little trouble.  A fascination with the children continues as their individual personalities emerge.  The little ones are expressing delight with daisies and bugs as they explore outside.  Being warmly dressed seems to be an objective.

The lunch time included a side trip to a market in the Magdalena del Mar area.  It was interesting to see all the items available.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."



La Molina students are in the midst of finals with most looking exhausted.  Kay had fewer students than usual, but those present were actively involved in skits with laughter, creative responses, and clear English the results.

Progress is being made by the girls at PPA.  Blanche and Maddy sanded and sealed in the new library and reflected on the notion that it is good to do something you don’t like to do.  Pamella and Diego learned to sit up on the swing by themselves.

Maddy taught the chicken song to her group and demonstrated the actions at dinner…  Three more toddlers were speaking coherent words.

Jacquie was surprised at how sharp the kids are at the age of 3; their sense of self is firmly developed.  Territorial fights with avengence is their style of play with no boundaries in evidence.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day of Sunshine

Blanca- concrete floor is laid, electricity grid placed. Sealing and patching walls today - a less dirty task. Discussions of wall colours and grouting makes me hopeful that I will see a finished room? Juan, Jose Carlo and co. move fast. I was stood up by my siblings- a trip to the dentist for Pamela meant a stay in the Hospitalito for her. Instead, I hung out with a bunch of 3 year olds, along with Jaquie. Adorable. I am left with neverending admiration for the two carers who generally manage all 14 kids by themselves.

Kay- attributed the wakefulness of her students to the day of sunshine in La Molina, however, it may also be a result of the highly successful 'some' and ' any' rap accompanied by foot stomping, that she devised for her class. All 9 staff members attended a birthday luncheon. The afternoon conversation classes comprised personality tests ( only one definite B from the dozy guy at the back) and idioms and slang, with a ' cat got your tongue' from Kay when no response was forthcoming.


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Fairy Tale of Some Kind Stranger

Blanche (aka Blanca) - a derelict room - no floor, no windows, rotten wood beams- this room is to be the library? I feel overwhelmed by the task ahead. Sanding for 3 1/2 hours left me tired, filthy and still unable to meditate. Perseverance, diligence, service - my mantra. I was nervous about the afternoon; my charges, two siblings who hadn't seen each other for weeks. I am not a person who "loves kids". I was unprepared for the love that comes with spending time with them, the pang that accompanies the clip clop of their tiny shoes as you walk with them across the pavement holding their trusting hands.

Maddy ( aka Muddy) - was exhausted by lunchtime - physically, mentally, emotionally. The toddlers fought for her attention and would climb onto her and tug at her clothing in order to get it. She was simultaneously sad to see them so starved of attention, and happy to be wanted by the tiny children.

Kay- her arrival at La Molina Universidad was slightly delayed by a taxi's mechanical problems. Unperturbed, she had her 10am impromptu English Class enraptured with discussions of Justin Bieber and Salina Gomez. They asked her to come again. After planning and lunch, her two classes of 2 and 12 students were treated to the same lesson about learning and working modalities, which allowed Kay to refine her technique. Kay's companion for the day, Maria, stayed by her side the entire time and was invaluable.
Jaquie ( aka Yukki) - writes ' the orphanage. A bittersweet experience. The innocence of children, vibrant, like the noon sun. For a while anyway, they are ignorant of the hardship that engulfs them. Will they live the fairy tale of some kind stranger who whisks them away? " I want you," the stranger says.