Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Have Been Challenged, We Have Grown!

Wednesday, December 29th

Quote of the Day: "Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Our week at PPA has been one filled with great adventures and many moments which have pushed all of us out of our comfort zone. We have seen so much and done so much with the Children at PPA.

So off we went to our tasks of holding and playing with babies and doing crafts with the older kids. We found that we all worked seamlessly as a team today and managed to shuttle ourselves and any books, games or crafts to the various groups throughout the day. There were moments of sheer joy as the kids came running to us and requested games and crafts we had done with them the day before. There is something unique and special about being in a foreign country and being welcomed and recognized by children with expressions of joy in their face and their arms opened wide.

We have been challenged, we have grown as a result of this experience. In our hearts we can leave knowing that we brought a lot of love, care, compassion and joy into the lives of children who need so much and have so little.

Written by Julie Deignan

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today's Mission: Paint, paint, paint!!

Thursday, December 23rd

Quote of the Day: ¨It´s not the number of years in your life that count, but the life in your years.¨ - Abe Lincoln

Myrian started our team meeting around 9am. Addy and Judith delivered a remarkable account in our team journal. Mary added a tender message from her friend in Daytona, FL, who is an orphan. We were given information about our Christmas celebration for the next day and our flight plan logistics for the airport. Unfortunately, we´ll miss our team members, Elizabeth, Cammy and Missy who leave Friday a.m. After breakfast our traveling troup left for CDLN.

The mission today was - paint, paint, paint! We did manage our mission well, consequently, the San Antonia and the San Martin pavillions are better - with colorful aspects. At the end of the day, we were in agreement that our highlight today was finishing our project.

We participated in the CDLN lunch routine. Most of the volunteers sat individually with the boys at their group tables. We talked and listened to the children. At Lane´s table, the question was asked, “Who is your hero?” From the group of four boys, one said his mother, two said Jesus and one said himself. Although the the English-Espanol was broken, the conversation remained interesting.

We experienced relating to the boys more in depth, but we as team members experienced relating with each other. For example, it was mentioned that Mary is an absolute astute Foreman or rather Forewoman. She is el jefe!

Connections become important. We learned that Millie, one of the CDLN office workers and previous GV staff, is going to Dallas, TX in order to study for her Masters in Social Work. We saw the children connect with some of our team members in a special way. They made pictures with messages thanking them for their service.

At 5pm we returned to our vehicles for the trek back to our "home away from home," the Torreblanca Hostal.

Written by Lane York

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day One of Our Journey

12.21.10 Journal Entry

Thought for the day: "To whom much is given, much is expected." - John F Kennedy

Day one of our journey began with a great sense of easy and comfort with our group of volunteers. We were eager to begin our work with the children. the trip to CDLN was an eye-opener for all of us as it was our first real look at the economic situation on the District where CDLN is located.

When we arrived on site, we received a tour of the campus and Brother Hugo distributed our assignments in each of the Pavilions. We then observed the Christmas celebration in the cafeteria and much to our surprise Barney was the center attraction for the children. The boys were so excited to see Barney that they pinned him to the wall while attempting to hug Barney in a way which resembled mauling him.

As we went to our individual assignments, we were all so excited to be of service to the children. At 5pm, feeling exhausted and in need of showers, we headed back to the hotel with a palpable sense of pride. Tomorrow several of us are likely to be very sore when we get out of bed.

Written by Melissa Walker

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Spring into Service" in Peru!!

“Spring into Service” with Global Volunteers to receive a special limited discount offer for our March and April teams!

Four or more volunteers who apply by January 31 for any of these 28 teams in 16 countries will receive a discount of $200 off our standard service program fee, per volunteer, for one-, two- or three-week international programs or $100 off our standard service program fee, per volunteer, for USA programs. No other discounts apply.

Please encourage others to volunteer in our five fundamental project areas: education (especially promotion of girls education), labor and community infrastructure, health care, child care, and food and nutrition.

Call us at 800-487-1074 for details and we'll assist you every step of the way. Our worldwide host communities can’t wait to welcome you!!

Check out this link for more details & service program dates:

Peru Service Program Dates, March & April Teams:
12-Mar-11 to 26-Mar-11
26-Mar-11 to 9-Apr-11
23-Apr-11 to 7-May-11