Thursday, June 13, 2013

My favorite day so far in Peru

Thursday began with the usual breakfast at the Hostel Torreblanca followed by another group talk by Edith about Peru, what we will do today, and what we did yesterday. After this, Edith took my father and me to PPA, while Irene and Paulette made their way to La Molina. In La Molina, things seemed to go the same as the way they did on Wednesday and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable day. Paulette finally became well enough to eat the ice cream that she wasn’t able to have the day before and seemed very happy to finally be able to try some creamy Peruvian ice cream. At PPA, my father continued with his labor project working with Edith while I continued to have an especially enjoyable day with the babies in Niño Jesús. The second part of our day was much different than usual. We took our three siblings - Walter, Harold, and César - out to lunch at La Comer and gave them a traditional American birthday party. The kids seemed taken aback at all the mall had to offer, including an arcade they played in and escalators they rode. The day with the three siblings came to an end when we gave them all their presents and they went back happily and content to PPA. A wonderful day ended with a tasty dinner with Paulette, my father, and me at the Super Rueda; Irene decided to stay back. This day was by far my favorite day and also the most fulfilling day I have ever spent volunteering in Peru.

Message of the Day: “The highest of distinctions is service to others.” - King George IV (1762-1830), King Of Great Britain, Ireland, and Hanover