Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Today is still a holiday in Lima.  Not a lot of people and cars.

The PPA girls took a cab as usual to PPA.  Maddy and  Jacquie went to Nino Jesus for the morning.  Today, everyone cried.  Maddy and Jacquie took turns helping the two-year olds look out the window to watch men working on the grounds.  They were fascinated.  Some of them didn’t want to leave.

Blanche, Maddy and Edith continued her work on the library.  They talked about the job of patching up the holes, sanding and priming.  They were covered in dust, as usual, when we met them for lunch.

With La Molina closed for the holiday, Kay joined us at PPA.  She had six classes of middle schoolers to teach English to.  She spent time searching Global Volunteers’ resources to make sure she could keep the kids busy and interested for an hour.  Maddy went with her and turned out to be the star of the afternoon class with seventh grade girls.  They wanted to know all about her.

Edith, Maddy and Blanche talked about the library.  One wall will be covered with a picture of Machu Pichu.  Other colors could not be picked until the picture was selected.

The girls spent another night out at at Mavery’s.  The girls regaled each other with stories, most of which were funny.  The girls had a great time.  We desperately searched the menu for a new culinary adventure.  Maddy was in Chi Cha heaven.  Jacquie, Kay and Blanche dined to Pisco sours.