Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Opportunity to serve...

I volunteered to come to Peru in order to participate in the facilitating of teaching conversational English at the National Agriculture University at the Molina. My personal reason for coming to Peru was to learn more about the culture of the people in Peru. I wanted to expand my knowledge about the people at this wonderful country.

After being here for a week, I have achieved my personal objective for coming. I am witnessing how a multiplicity of people co-exist. Although the USA is older as an independent nation, the Peruvian people can teach Americans how to coexist. A person’s ethnicity in Peru does not seem to be a negative trait.

The students see to enjoy attending our conversational classes. They are eager to learn. Two students told me that they are learning English so they could acquire gainful employment.

Facilitating the conversational English classes have been highly enjoyable. My acceptance from the students has been a joy to my current stay

I wish I could do more than I am currently doing. The students have motivated and encouraged me to enjoy my stay here.

My objectives for coming here can only be confirmed by the students, the university officials and Global Volunteers.

I wish to thank Global Volunteers for giving me an opportunity to serve.

Submitted by Rick Coger