Monday, April 2, 2012

“Life sometimes just is not fair”

On Sunday I met the oldest, saddest seven year old.  We first met at the hospitalito where he was sitting in the corner on the floor moving a toy car back and forth with a blank look on his face.  Turns out his two younger brothers and him were abandoned a year ago and unfortunately he has not been able to see his brothers in almost a year…the staff is concerned about him as he has been increasingly stressed by this situation.  The decision was made that he would be part of the siblings program and on Monday he was reunited with his two younger brothers…it was an amazing sight to see this little boy totally light up and start jumping around…. This sad, old little boy turned immediately into the proudest big brother I have ever met.  My eyes began tearing up and had to choke back the tears for two very different reasons, the first being tears of joy seeing these young  children being reunited and second because for these three little boys life just has not been fair to them.

“To know even one breath has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

             We had arrived at our final day in Peru - what a journey this has been. As individuals we came from diverse backgrounds, with different histories and experiences - yet we shared a common thread – the importance of giving and contributing for the better good. With finite time we united as a team; giving ourselves, our hearts, and spirits. We worked hard, played, shared, learned, and JUST WENT WITH IT! What we learned, experienced and felt will remain with us for a lifetime.
Our last day at PPA came with bitter sweet emotions. It was exciting to see the final product of the girls’ dining room and the amount of work that was accomplished over the 2 weeks! Spending the afternoon having lunch with the girls and getting the opportunity to say our last goodbye’s, share our appreciation for each other, and simply play and enjoy our final moments was truly special.
Reflecting on my time in Peru and at PPA words cannot justify what I experienced, felt, and learned as a person. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity - thank you Stobbe’s for providing me with this. I feel blessed to have you in my life - you have taught me the importance of giving and “paying it forward” which I will continue to share with others throughout my lifetime.
Edith thank you for leading our team, planning, organizing...and just being the amazing woman you are. From dinner helping us with any walking, walking, walking...the list just keeps going on! We appreciated your over and above dedication to us and our time and projects at PPA. Your heart and passion is in the work that you do and the kids at PPA appreciate and love you. Thank you Edith - for everything. We could not have asked for a better person to lead our team.
On a final note – Let’s all remember to take the time to appreciate our lives. No matter what life brings to each of us there is always space to remember how grateful we are to be living this crazy little experience called Life. As Edith would day “Appreciate what you have, Enjoy what you have, Everyone deserves the Best”.
Cheers to our Adventure!
 by J.

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