Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eating fresh yogurt in Peru

Tuesday traffic to and from Molina was much heavier.  Edith showed signs of being a budding cinema-tographer as she videotaped the traffic of a Peruvian roundabout for Paulette's Facebook and for the entertainment of Paulette's daughter- and son-in-law back in the States. The consensus was that a great video game could be designed based on driving in Peru.

Another highlight of the day was a trip to purchase La Molina's famous homemade, fresh yogurt. All three of the musketeers purchased Yogurt Fresa and it was delicious!!! The afternoon brought all two of Paulette's professors back plus an interesting new addition who loves to play the accordion.  Irene's students rearranged themselves in her two afternoon classes and continued to work hard on their conversational skills. Paulette joined them for the second hour as they integrated her new Monday student seamlessly in Irene's group.

Dinner for two was at Mavery and then it was an early night for Edith and her crew!